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Gas Sensors
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Gas Sensors
Input voltage required +7.5 to +35.0 Volts DC
Output at zero gas concentration 4mA (user adjustable)
Output at full-scale 20mA (user adjustable)
Stability Stability < 0.05mA(< 0.25% Full Scale)
Maximum load @ 20mA, 24 VDC 825ohms
Supply voltage dependence < ±2%output from +7.5 to +35 Volts DC
Transmitter current requirement < 100mA
Operating conditions see sensor data sheet specifications
Calibration Multi-turn zero and span potentiometers
Power supply protection Diode protection to voltage regulator
No-power equivalent circuit (for Toxic gas versions) Sensor short-circuited during power-down
Full-scale gas concentration Pre-calibrated
Sensitivity nA/ppm in 400ppm CO 80 to 120
Response time t90 (s) from zero to 400ppm CO < 30
Zero current ppm equivalentin zero air < ±2
Resolution RMS noise (ppm equivalent) < 0.3
Range ppm limit of performance warranty 1,000
Linearity ppm CO error at full scale, linear at zero, 400ppm CO < ±15
Overgas range maximum ppm for stable response to gas pulse 10,000
Zero drift ppm equivalent change/year in lab air <0.2
Sensitivity drift % change/year in lab air, monthly test < 3
Operation life months until 80% original signal (24 month warranted) > 24
Sensitivity @ -20°C % (output @ -20°C/output@20°C) @ 400ppmCO 65 to 85
Sensitivity @ 50°C % (output @ 50°C /output@20°C) @ 400ppmCO 105 to 115
Zero @ -20°C ppm equivalent change from 20°C ±2
Zero @ 50°C ppm equivalent change from 20°C < 3
Filter capacity ppm-hrs H2S 160,000
Filter capacity ppm-hrs NO 120,000
Filter capacity ppm-hrs NO2 120,000
Filter capacity ppm-hrs SO2 160,000
SO2 sensitivity %measured gas @ 20ppm SO2 < 0.1
NO sensitivity %measured gas @ 50ppm NO < 25
NO2 sensitivity %measured gas @ 10ppm NO2 < 0.1
Cl2 sensitivity %measured gas @ 10ppm Cl2 <0.1
H2 sensitivity %measured gas @ 400ppm H2 at 20C 65
C2H4 sensitivity %measured gas @ 400ppm C2H4 65
H2S sensitivity %measured gas @ 20ppm H2S 0.1
NH3 sensitivity %measured gas @ 20ppm NH3 0.1
Note: All sensors are tested at ambient environmental conditions with 10ohm load resistor unless otherwise stated. As applications of use are outside our control the information provided is given without legal responsibility. Customers should test under their own conditions to ensure that the sensors are suitable for their own requirements.
In the interest of continued product improvement we reserve the right to change design features and specifications without prior notification. The data contained in this document is for guidance only. Jeff Cooper Controls Ltd accepts no liability for any consequential losses, injury or damage resulting from the use of this document or the information contained within it.


Carbon Monoxide Sensors

All Jeff Cooper Controls Ltd Gas Sensors are 24VDC loop powered with a 4-20 mA sensing range.
Parts per million sensing range is 0-300 for C.O. Other gases such as NOX can also be catered for.

Gas sensor unit overall dimensions in millimeters: 70W x 85H x 65D

The standard facia can be tailorded to individual customer's needs to display their own logo and contact details if required.

Please contact us on: 01709 855164 or email us at : enquiries@jeffcoopercontrols.com
for prices and delivery.


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